Determination of value price or computer application using function point analysis method

Didik Suwito Pribadi


Some developer very capable of developing good quality working applications, but they don’t have the right value and price for their products, and it is because they did not use the right method to calculate the size of the product and valuate them correctly, most of them use analogy and expert judgment to perform their product sizing and valuation. This situation will create inconsistency in doing the pricing and it will create disadvantages for both developers and users. Function point analysis provides a methodology to perform software size calculation using algorithmic approaches that gives comprehensive and consistent results. In this document, I will explain step by step the processes of calculating the Function point using FPA procedures by implementing calculation formula of EI, EO, EQ, ILF, EIF, and VAP. I also will implement them to calculate the size of the “XIbar” application system, especially module customer care and customer info. By doing all these activities I hope will provide simple templates and procedures for calculating the size of application software that can be used easily by developers, students, and others who need it.


app calculation; application price; function point

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